Refrigerated Delivery

J&J Transport offers a refrigerated courier service and delivers all sizes of refrigerated consignments from parcels to pallets. As a courier company, we offer a flexible service that operates around our clients’ specific requirements and ensure 100% client satisfactory with our experienced delivery workers. By providing services of the exquisite standard we have built a credible reputation demonstrated through long standing relationships, resulting in a stable and growing customer base.

We have a state of the art fleet; ranging from single to dual temperature controlled vehicles.  This ensures that any products you need to remain refrigerated will stay at their optimum temperature throughout transit.  All of our fleet are serviced regularly.  We also have trusted mechanics and engineers who ensure that our vehicles are calibrated and maintained correctly.  All of our drivers are also fully trained in the practices and procedures for transporting chilled and frozen goods.

Our refrigerated  courier service is also available as part of the same day a next day delivery services, allowing you to move your chilled and refrigerated goods quickly. We are able to offer both Nationwide and European coverage on our refrigerated courier service, and we have a range of fleet options available to suit your needs; from Peugeot Partners to Maxi Low Loaders. To see our entire fleet, and new and upcoming additions to it, please visit our About Page.

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Refrigerated Delivery
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